Tourist Attractions
  • The Rural Camping Garden covers an area of 100 mu, and can contain more than 100 self-service tents There are
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    Rural camping garden
  • It is said that demon rhino’ s secretly descent to earth violates the heavenly rules, Yang Jian(also called
    Update Time:2016/01/08 17:12:36
    Wang Niu Gloriette
  • Fangniuping tourist center is designed according to the standards of AAA-grade scenic spot and covers an area of
    Update Time:2016/01/08 17:12:23
    Tourist Center
  • The Big Dipper Pond is the highlight of scenic area, consisting of seven clear blue pools, namely as Tian Shu
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    Big dipper pond
  • It is said that demon rhino’s secretly descent to earth violates the heavenly rules, so it is punished to
    Update Time:2016/01/08 17:11:55
    Niu Chi Shui
  • It is said that demon rhino descends to do evil to people,Yang Jian(also called Erlang God, is a mythological c
    Update Time:2016/01/08 17:11:18
    Rhino Pavilion
  • The Peaceful Dell of Pines and Bamboo is located at the low-lying lands of Fangniuping, in which is full of ve
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    Peaceful dell of pines and bamboo


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