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Brief Introduction to Rural Resort of Fangniuping

Situated in Fangniuping Village, Cizhu Town, Yubei District, Chongqing Prov, the rural resort of Fangniuping about 40 km away from the Jiangbei International Airport, is 600m to 1020m above the sea level and owns an forest coverage over 92%. Both  the Nantianmen Original Forest Park whose area is about 4000mu, and the biggest wan-mu pear base of Chongqing are included in here.

 According to the function layout of “Five areas, ten gardens, one street and three squares”, Core area attaches great importance to the culture of pear, cattle ploughing and educated youth of Fangniuping with more than 20 featuring attractions, including
the Rhino Pavilion, the Wang Niu Gloriette, the Pinnacle Rover, the Peaceful Dell of Pines and Bamboo, the Big Dipper Pond, the Jungle Cabin, the Educated Youth Center, the Golden Manor and so on. There are niveous sea of pears, bright cherry, virid springs and pools, refined emerald bamboos, upright willows and spruces, so just wandering among those will make persons linger on.

 Forests are storied disseminated while the paths wind along mountain ridges of this area, where different scenery companies each step. You can enjoy the wonderful pear flowers in spring where its whiteness dominates in all other white colors and its beauty surpasses all flowers; you can feel the pleasantly cool in summer where the spring water flows with a rich susurrus and the cool breeze blows gently; you can experience the harvest joy in autumn where orange osmanthus sends off fragrance and the trees are thickly hung with fruit; and you can also listen to the quietness of the world in winter where snow gleams white and silver-coated scene shows at every sight. 

 The rural resort of Fangniuping, a place of “feeling the mountains, feeling the waters and feeling the nostalgia”

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